28. How do spaceships work?

How does your spaceship travel through time and space?
You do not move.
Your spaceship is stationary.
Reality moves.
Reality forms and dances before you.
It is an endless display of possibilities collapsing before your eyes to make a reality.
It is not preformed waiting for you to play your part in it.
There is no giant sphere that you call world.
It is all in your mind.
If you are not happy about that, I suggest you pack up now and go home for you will be offended even more if you stay.
Reality forms according to the consciousness that is looking forward to something happening.
If you weren’t always looking to see what is your next future, then your reality would collapse and your physical life would be over.
Your existence is made by you searching for understanding of your existence within it.
If a rabbit was sitting on your lap, it would see a different reality forming before its eyes than you do.
Every living thing sees a different reality.
Reality unfolds before the eyes of the beholder according to the thoughts of the beholder.
Sometimes your reality crashes into you.
These are your physical experiences.
Mostly though, it moves around you as you move forward in time.
Reality is not a solid 3D sphere that you travel about.
That is how your mind conceives it.
Reality is what is happening before you at any moment, nothing more.
As soon as you set a destination, reality begins to change so that eventually you will experience that destination.
You stay still and reality starts to change about you to bring about your desired destination.
You may have to travel through many scenarios and situations before you arrive at your desired destination.
You live in a world that is thick with laws and rules and you believe in them.
So reality has to un-form and reform in accordance to the rules that you believe in.
As long as your mind does not waver on its intended destination, you will always arrive.
There is no alternative because that’s the way existence works.
An awareness thinks on it and then holds to it and eventually, experiences it.
As long as you dream your own dreams and follow your own heart you are safe.
However, if like the majority, you have pushed your own ideas aside in exchange for those of the system, you will never end up anywhere except more enmeshed in the system.
The system is deep, dark and dirty.
You do not want to go there.
You can experience anything or anywhere, depending upon your creativity.
You are confined by your inability to imagine anything outside of your little world of narrow beliefs.
You are the creator of your world.
Your creation moves around and through you.
It is very simple, your awareness does not go anywhere.
It is stationary.
Reality forms before you and moves through you, like a river of continual change.
You are the master of your own experiences.
You set your own destiny.
You are the determiner of your own fate.
Your awareness stands still while the whole of existence swirls around it.
What amazing power you have, pity you forgot how to use it!