31. Unlimited futures

Absolute freedom means that you must take total responsibility for your own future.
Until you arrive at the point of desiring absolute freedom, your choices have always been limited.
You had family to consider, debts, commitments, work expectations and even your religious beliefs.
You were bound up in a world that smothered you with demands and obligations.
Most people never escape from these unrelenting demands upon their time.
They never realise that there is an alternative to working hard, to struggling just to live and to constantly being at war with relationships.
They never question their repetitious life and their conveyor belt mentality.
They have no idea that there are better ways of living.
They don’t believe that it is possible to escape, so they doom themselves to a lifetime of frustrating repetition.
They live in a fiercely competitive world that never relaxes and never lets up on them.
They spend their days desperately trying to fill a gnawing hunger that never abates.
They try and fill it with food, entertainment, alcohol and drugs but nothing helps.
They won’t even listen to alternatives, they are too bound up in their own little hell worlds.
When you see absolute freedom as the only thing worth pursuing, you are seeking to be free of all the mental constraints that have kept you realising your own truth.
You have always been totally free but because you chose to believe the opposite, it was impossible for you to be aware of your own truth.
Once you accept that there is only one singular destination worth pursuing, then you are ready for change.
You are standing freely on the edge of unlimited futures.
You are no longer a victim of life, you are the creator of it.
It is up to you to determine your own fate.
It is up to you to decide where your future lies and what you desire to come into reality.
Once you accept absolute freedom as your destiny, the infinite is yours to play with.