33. Something else

Your ego is a fake construct that you built to conform to the stupid ideas you believed when you came to this reality.
It is not real, it is a dumb and uninteresting facade.
It is like an ill-fitting suit that you wear to try and conform to your imagined world.
Your ego is self-centred and selfish.
It will tell you the opposite.
It will tell you that you are a fascinating and uniquely intelligent being that is not understood by this world.
It will tell you that you are a victim of circumstances beyond your control.
You believe it.
This is why your life is a mess of disappointments and failures.
You are not your ego.
Your ego is like the car you drive.
It is not you, it is a vehicle you use to get around.
You are something else.
Seeking absolute freedom will release that something else.
Seeking absolute freedom is a shortcut method of cutting your power off to the ego and focussing on the things that are of true value.
If you seek absolute freedom beyond anything else, everything will be taken care of.
If you seek absolute freedom consistently and determinedly, you will get it.
That’s the way this reality is structured, you cannot fail.
Don’t listen to your ego trying to fill your mind with doubts and impatience, it doesn’t know anything.
You are something else, thank goodness!
Imagine if you really were your ego!
How scary would that be?