34. Elixir of life

Absolute freedom is a magic password.
It is a mystery revealed, a secret laid bare.
It creates a break in reality.
It is a crack in the code.
Absolute freedom is a shortcut to home and a portal to the future.
It is a wonder hidden in simplicity.
It is the nectar of the gods, manna from the heavens.
It is the elixir of life, the key to eternity.
Absolute freedom is the truth shouted blatantly, light flooding the darkness.
It is the heart of an angel, the mystique unravelled.
It is a practical tool for the masses, the quick answer to all frustrations.
It is the summary of all wisdom, the power of the ordinary.
Absolute freedom is simplicity without apology, the truth without the frills.
It is a gift to all of the seekers, the long suffering and the determined to discover.
It is the answer without mountains to climb, a revelation without conditions.
It is free without encumbrances, without cost and without obligation.
It belongs to no person but is available equally to all persons.
Nobody can own it, no one can claim it as their own.
It cannot be hidden, now that it’s been set free.
Give it to all without judgement, it’s theirs to take as they will.