36. Dingy old castle

This reality is like a giant, dingy, decaying, endless-roomed castle.
You have wandered its dark alleyways and desperate corridors for eons.
There is nothing here for you.
There is no happiness, no peace, no truth and very little honesty.
This is not your home.
This castle is your prison.
It was built by someone else with the aim of trapping all of its visitors.
As soon as you enter its doors, you are immediately overwhelmed with information, rules, obligations and expectations.
You spend lifetimes wandering the confusing maze but you never find the exit.
You find religions, philosophies, spirituality, sacred writings and self-proclaimed masters, but you never quite find what you are searching for.
Your own mind has covered all of the exits with false beliefs, superstitious nonsense and religious hype.
Constantly you are being pushed deeper and deeper into the dusty old rooms of darkness and ignorance.
As the generations pass, your patterns have become more and more repetitive and less and less imaginative.
You have lost the ability to question and you have lost interest in anything but survival.
After countless lifetimes, you tend to follow the same old tracks, over and over again.
You tend to live the same old life, over and over again.
You are trapped within the prison of your own mindset.
Your thoughts create your reality and your rigid mindset has created an ugly prison.
Absolute freedom is a shortcut out of there, it reveals the exit and lets you be free of your horrendous state of ignorance.
By repeating absolute freedom, you are giving your intuition access to your life so that it can bypass all of the craziness in your mind and lead you out of the mad house that held you captive.
Once you are free, you will look back and see just how insane your life was, until then, you will never believe it.
Absolute freedom is a ticket to freedom, you’d have to be a pompous fool not to at least try it.
At the moment you are living in a hideous reality that you think is normal.
It’s not, it’s worse than a bad nightmare.
Absolute freedom gives you a chance to see clearly and to return to the awareness of the eternal something that you are.
There is nothing in this reality that is worth keeping, turn your back on it ali and seek absolute freedom above everything else.
You’ve nothing to lose and you have your sanity and freedom to gain.