39. Unique viewpoint

What is the value of a unique viewpoint, a brand new way of seeing?
If billions of people are seeing this infinitely variable existence the same way, imagine the value of a view point that is brand new and different.
In this reality, the masses are being constantly trained to conform to a standardised point of view.
There are social guidelines for almost every situation.
These inferred points of view have all been censored to such an extent that they lack imagination, originality and freshness.
A stale society is a well-behaved society.
Keep feeding the people porridge while flattering them and it won’t be long before porridge will be the choice of the masses.
The masses will then believe that porridge was always their personal and intelligent choice.
A unique viewpoint directly threatens to break the rigidity of the system.
A unique point of view is unacceptable to a society full of no-alls and non-thinkers.
Big brother wants robots because robots do not question anything.
Human beings are not welcome in this reality, the system only applauds robots.
Those few that there are, threaten it with questions and offers of alternative ways of doing things.
The masses must conform, not question or doubt.
Big brother is the big religion: believe, bow and obey.
Once you begin to follow the path to absolute freedom, you are on the path to having a unique point of view.
A unique point of view will not only set you apart, it will alienate you from most people.
Of course a unique point of view should be applauded, but that would break reality wouldn’t it?