40. Desire for the infinite

There is a silent undefined yearning within you.
It is evasive and elusive, never quite there when you look.
It is the desire for the infinite.
You lost not only the desire for it but most of your memories when you were first born into this earthly reality.
This rigid reality is overwhelming with its rules, regulations, expectations and limitations.
Every being in this reality is restless.
They are restless for something that they can’t ever remember having.
They can’t put it into words, nor can they properly explain it.
But it’s there, always there, nagging for you to remember, gnawing away at any satisfaction you may gain.
You have forgotten that you are an eternal awareness, a strange consciousness that is living freely within the unlimited infinite.
You can find it, you can remember but it may take many, many more life times yet.
Seek absolute freedom and you will remember everything.
Dream of absolute freedom and you will start to wake up.
Desire only absolute freedom and you will gain the whole world, finite and infinite.