15. Impressed with itself

An artist finishes his painting, then struts around waiting for the inevitable praise.
It pleases him if it pleases them.
A singer finishes her song and then waits while the audience applauds.
It pleases her if it pleases them.
An actor finishes his piece and then looks forward to favourable reviews.
It pleases him if it pleases them.
It is all a delusion.
Every artist finds their personal niche, their personal trick and repeats it and beats it to death.
One trick is all it takes to be called creative.
They settle at this level and dare not reach out further into uncomfortable and unknown zones.
Humanity is impressed with itself.
It is mediocrity at best.
Humanity is not great, nor is it creative, nor intelligent.
It is not even difficult to rise to the pathetic standards of creativity that humanity applauds as wonderful.
Humanity is cheap and the levels of creativity it offers are mere trinkets to what they are capable of.
Humanity is impressed with itself.
Society is half-asleep and walks around only partially conscious.
The ego severely suppresses the heart and suppresses the arts.
Vanity compromises and always settles for less.
If it pleases a few and is also a business success, what more could you ask for?
This is the way of a bland society.
This is the heartless world you live in.
Humanity is impressed with itself.
This is the way of a world that has never seen a heart that has been given absolute freedom.
Artistic expression in this world is a corny cliché, a crumby compromise, a pathetic expression of what it could be.
The heart has been strangled by a vain-glorious mind.
There is no reason to be prideful over any creative attempt you may make in this murky excuse for a reality.
Your true heart knows absolute freedom and it knows that you are a long way from allowing it in your life.
Make it your earnest destination, your intended situation, your personal passionate dream.
Maybe then you can nudge humanity a little out of its pathetic stupor and voluntary blindness.
Only your heart knows because it only knows absolute freedom.
Your mind only knows limits.