17. Impossibly complex mess

Where is the art that grabs the heart and lifts it into new realms?
Where are the songs that take you away from the ordinary and leave you believing in the impossible?
Where are words spoken that open the door to the infinite and remind you of your own free and true heart?
Where is the leadership that lifts the masses out of their mental prisons and places them on the open road to understanding and insight?
Where is there truth revealed without dogma and rules and financial costs?
Insight, understanding and revelation are totally free.
They are ever available from within the privacy of your own heart.
Understanding never leaves you, it can’t, it is your truth.
Most people trade their search for truth for the convenience of a stale and shallow dogma.
Or they just give up and spend a life drowning in self-pity and pettiness.
There are giant steps that need to be taken to lift humanity from the dirty circular track of mental stagnation, to the infinite possibilities of an open heart.
Seek absolute freedom above all else and you cannot help but achieve personal understanding and insight well beyond what you ever imagined.
Seek absolute freedom and you will be on a unique fast path to remembering the eternal something that you are.
Seek absolute freedom and you take care of the endless traps, distractions and illusions that keep you in the dark.
Seek absolute freedom because it’s the easy way out of an impossibly complex mess.
Seek absolute freedom because it’s a shortcut to clarity and creativity.
Seek absolute freedom and you will indirectly take the whole of humanity with you.