19. Absolute freedom is reality

The world is not your provider, your mind is the provider.
You can’t say that you are lucky or unlucky in comparison to someone else because it was your mind that built your world.
Your world was not built and then you arrived into it to make the most of it.
That’s what you were taught.
You were born into the world that was already in your mind.
This was not the world that other people know but a world made up solely of the thoughts, the ideas, the doctrines that you believe in.
Your belief in these ideas brought your world into existence.
If you had no thoughts, you would have no world.
You can’t say this person in New York is lucky while that one in the Congo is unlucky because each is living in a world of their own making.
There is no way that you can get into these worlds to understand.
They are none of your business.
Your business is your world.
You have a lifetime of work cutout trying to repair it.
Then you need to find a way of escaping its terrible hold over you.
Your mind is a hopelessly tangled mess of stupid ideas, false beliefs and borrowed dogmas.
It is not the true you.
The true you, lives in absolute freedom and is aware that it is an eternal something living within an infinite existence.
Seek absolute freedom above all else and you will find a fast way out of the madness of your own mind.
Then you will see that all worlds are merely mental constructs and not nearly as tragic as your ego has you believe.
Your mind and every other mind is the creator of personal worlds.
Change your mind by seeking absolute freedom and it will all begin to make sense.
This whole reality is only as bad as you imagine it is.
Absolute freedom is reality, the rest is the result of delusions, illusions and confusion.