20. A list of thoughts

All of your beliefs in this reality are wrong.
Everything that the media tells you is a lie.
Your government is not interested in you, it is interested in itself.
Every new law steals more freedom.
You are a mental slave in a cruel, manipulated system.
You cannot beat the system, it is too intelligent and has you covered no matter which way you turn.
The only escape from the system is through your own heart.
Seek absolute freedom and you give your intuition permission to guide your life.
You have been severely mislead about this world since birth.
Your life is a constant battle to protect the lies you foolishly believe in.
The truth of life is surrounding you, you are swimming in it but you are too blinded by your own ego to see the truth.
New ideas frighten you because they threaten your unstable belief system.
For most of your life, you live a lie because you are afraid of your own truth.
Your ego is always be able to justify its beliefs, no matter how crazy.
Religions depend upon emotionalism and refute logic.
Science depends upon logic and dismisses emotionalism.
You constantly deny the reality of your own intuition.
To protect their insular ideas, most people are liars and pretenders.
Most people in this world are competitive and constantly want to put others down.
This world is run by powers beyond your understanding but the agents that willingly carry out its nasty deeds are all humans, hungering for wealth and control.
You could be free tomorrow but you prefer the comfort of your own misery and self pity.
All truth and understanding of life lies within your own heart.
The truth of life is always available and never leaves you but you won’t look or listen.
Your world is a prison of your own making.
Nobody and nothing can stop you seeking and finding your own truth.
While you listen to your ego, you are your worst enemy.
You are the evil you believe in and the bad luck that plagues you, it’s all in your mind.
You are all alone in a reality of your own creation, nobody can change it but you.
The mindset you die with, is the exact mindset you will be born with, there is no escape from your own stupidity.
You will be reborn within seconds of your death, into much the same situation you just left.
Even after death, there is no escaping the rigid patterns you carry in your own mind.
Your consciousness is your mind, there is no escape.
You are not intelligent, you are a mental clone, living in a closed-minded system.
You are a robot, acting perfectly according to your programming, big brother applauds you for being so sensible!
You constantly seek approval because your ego can never get enough attention.
Your true heart does not need anything because it is everything, pity you forgot.
You have one task in this life, to remember that you are an eternal something and then you will do something about it.
Your intuition never lets you down.
Your intuition is your gut feeling, your inner knowing, your god self, your eternal something.
You are the eternal awareness that lives in absolute freedom within the infinite but your ego tells you to ignore it and you usually do.
The goal of absolute freedom is the most precious key you will ever uncover but your ego is probably too stupid to allow you to pursue it.