23. The puzzle

You have just arrived on an alien planet.
You are called intuition and you desire to set this prison world free.
You have a vehicle to travel in, the locals call it a body.
It is a robot made up mainly of water.
It has its own limited intelligence system based in a small computer called a brain.
This brain has trouble recognising you, intuition as another intelligence.
It prefers to see you as simply a handy survival mechanism that can conveniently be ignored.
Your job is to crack the code that locks this whole world into the belief that there is nothing more than what they see before them.
The biggest problem is that there is one overriding power that runs this world and this power is a liar and deceiver.
This power deceivingly calls itself big brother, as if it is a friendly overseer of lives.
In reality, it is a heartless and ruthless dictator that wants to keep its world in chains.
Your main problem is to ensure that you do not let intuition be overwhelmed by your body mentality or by the creeping hand of big brother.
This creeping hand manifests itself as an ego in each and every body.
This ego demands attention and constantly sees only me, me, me.
It never stops singing its mesmerising song, I, I, I.
I am wonderful, I am always right, I am clever… on and on.

You have been given some information to help you with your task.
• Most everything you hear and see is a lie.
• The majority of people have turned into robots that have only one mission, obey, obey, obey.
• Any ideas presented outside of the rigid fairy tales taught by big brother will be ridiculed.
• The people have closed their minds and only believe what they are told through the dizzying amounts of media that they are immersed in daily.
• The masses do not like change, most would prefer to continue as prisoners rather than risk the perils of freedom.
• People can easily be bought. For the promise of a little power or money they will turn against each other and fight for the dogma of big brother.
• Most people on the planet are so busy trying to get enough resources to survive that they have no time or energy left to think about the meaning of life and how it could be improved.

You cannot fight the system, it is too big, too powerful and too intelligent for you to stand up to.
If you speak out too loudly about the truth of reality, you will be seen as a threat and quickly be removed from the world.
You have only one understanding, one weapon, one tool to help you in your task.
This is the understanding that every living thing in this reality, from atoms to elephants, only desires one thing.
Every search for happiness, every attempt to find peace, every yearning for completeness, is based on one basic yearning.
Absolute freedom.
The heart of all life is absolute freedom.
They have all forgotten this core drive and have very little understanding of their own desires.
If the memory of this true heart can be aroused, then your task can be completed.
Every single yearning in this world can be replaced by the umbrella of absolute freedom.
When that is done, hearts will be set free.