25. Either or

This world is made up of countless rules and regulations and they all steal your freedom.
Constantly new laws are formulated to take you further from freedom.
The heart of this reality is restriction.
The heart of every living thing is freedom.
Everything is confined by a body and all of the limitations that go with it.
Not only are you restricted by a body, you are also confined by your perceptions.
They only allow you to sense a minimum number of the infinite experiences available.
You are severely limited by a brain that is basically designed to keep your body functioning.
It is not designed to help you understand life and its grandness.
You are in a prison.
You have a body with a limited brain and very little freedom.
Fortunately you also have your intuition.
This is your awareness, your true self, your true heart.
It’s essence is absolute freedom.
It can hardly function in this reality because your body and brain constrict its expression.
Instead of setting it free to expand your life, you limit it and this causes your life to get smaller.
There are only two states of being in this existence, only two situations that ever exist.
Either you tend to listen to intuition or you don’t.
Either you tend towards absolute freedom or you don’t.
If you don’t, then you tend towards loss of freedom.
If you aren’t open, you are closed.
In any situation, you are either gaining or losing freedom.
You are either robbing a situation of its freedom or you are freeing it.
Even within yourself, it’s the same situation.
With every thought you entertain, you are either heading towards freedom or limiting yourself even more.
You are either robbing yourself of your freedom or you are expanding it.
You are either a freedom thief or a liberator.
You either tend towards absolute freedom or you are tending to even worse confinement.
When you steal someone else’s freedom, you are adding to your own limitations.
You cannot escape the consequences of your own actions, no matter how trivial you might think them to be.
You are tying yourself up more each time you don’t choose absolute freedom.
This whole world is tightly bound by loss of freedom.
You can’t do anything about changing the world but you can liberate yourself.
It’s useless trying to save the planet if your own house is a dark and limited dungeon of despair.
You have one job in life, get yourself out of your mental prison.
You can do this by choosing absolute freedom as your singular goal in life.
Choose absolute freedom for yourself and you will free your whole world.