26. Lucky now

Humanity is stuck in a rut.
It’s a narrow valley of bad luck.
They don’t know how to get out of it.
They can’t find any relief no matter which way they turn.
Bad luck plagues their lives.
People say that this is simply normal.
They think that it’s just the way the world rolls.
They say that their pet god designed it that way, to test us through struggle, sadness and misfortune.
Such a strange god?
This is the way of the world but it doesn’t have to stay that way.
Your current situation does not have to be your permanent situation.
It’s your life to change as you will.
You don’t have to accept mediocrity.
You don’t have to continually compromise your dreams.
Neither should you be grateful for small mercies.
That is all based on religious propaganda, it assumes the existence of a nasty vengeful god.
Religion is a foolish story that presents a horribly constricted view of a glorious infinite life.
The outer world continually preaches negativity and damning propaganda from big brother.
All religions, governments and institutions want to keep you suppressed for all of your days.
They need you to be a willing slave so that they can maintain their positions of power.
It seems hopeless but don’t be fooled.
That’s what they would have you believe.
You can get out of your bad luck rut if you want.
All you have to do is seek the open plains of good luck.
The understanding of the vastness of absolute freedom will take you from your narrow path and place you out into the unlimited infinite.
This is your natural position.
This is where you belong.
You current situation is smothering you.
Absolute freedom will revive all your senses and bring good luck into your life.
It’s so easy to have bad luck and it’s just as easy to have good luck.
Change tracks by changing your long term goals.
At the moment you future is bleak because you believe in a diminishing life as you get older.
This is false, life should expand as you age and when you die it should be a celebration of the freedom you found and shared.
You should die surrounded by good luck and a full awareness of your true heart which is now and always has been, absolute freedom.