38. Just a minute

If you existed as a consciousness in an eternal and infinite existence, would there be any difference between a minute and a billion years?
Would there be any difference between a millimetre and a trillion light years?
In the infinite there is no distance, everything is here, wherever you are.
The infinite is eternal, timeless, it is all happening now, wherever you are.
Wherever you are is wherever your awareness is focussed.
You can be anywhere and at any time.
You are every-when at once.
This earthly reality is also infinite, look up, it’s obvious.
The human brain forces moments to stretch into years and here-now to extend into kilometres.
Here in this reality, you have forgotten all of this.
Right now, you believe that you are limited by time and space.
This is only true for as long as you believe in the solid reality of this earthly existence.
This reality does not allow you to express your true nature.
Your character is a persona you wear that allows you to be immersed in this earthy game.
It is not your true state.
In truth, you are the essence of absolute freedom.
You already have the essence of absolute freedom within, but you have forgotten.
You confine yourself by your beliefs, and these beliefs have placed you in a mental prison.
You are a victim of yourself.
Your thoughts have trapped you into believing you are less.
This world presents you an endless torrent of false ideas but it cannot force you to believe in them.
This reality is like a religious zealot in the street, trying to convert you to his way of thinking.
He can only do so if you surrender to his dogma.
He can’t force you to believe.
Stop surrendering to the stupidity of the teachings of this world.
You have absolute freedom already, right now but you won’t believe it.
Instead you make it into another mountain that needs to be climbed, something else that needs to be achieved.
You are forever creating unnecessary challenges.
You already have absolute freedom.
Take just a minute to release this idea into your mind.
Maybe then you will remember the whole story.