18. A void in the heart

This world is full of robots, they are water robots.
There are very few people.
All of the robots are full to overflowing with facts, memories, opinions and borrowed ideas.
From birth, the hard drive has been loaded and overloaded with fake information to keep the robots on the path to slavery and in ignorance of the path to absolute freedom.
When you ask a robot for an opinion, you will get what they have been given, a rehash of old and superficial information.
If a water robot has a great capacity to absorb information and recall it easily, it is classed as being intelligent.
Thus you have doctors, professors, reverends, judges, all with fancy titles that immediately invoke respect.
The status of their jobs is as important to them as the job itself.
People are taught to respect and encouraged to envy their superior knowledge.
It is mostly all a sham because they are merely masters of memory and data manipulation that’s all, there’s little heart intelligence involved.
They are not life intelligent, they are not worldly wise, nor are they deserving of respect.
They are willing slaves.
They have surrendered to the cold demands of big brother.
They are water robots just like everybody else, role playing in a game called life.
True artists are different.
True artists are heart artists and they can be musicians, crafts people, painters or even a simple mother, it’s all the same.
True artists are people who work truly from the heart.
This doesn’t mean that they have to suffer or can’t be financially successful, it simply means they don’t compromise their intuitive urges.
These people are voids when they work.
They are empty of mind and consideration.
Instead they are full of heart.
They are full of intuitive feelings and a deep knowing that guides their chosen expression.
These people know that it is the intuition that does the creativity, not the robot.
When the intuition is allowed to rule, there is no need for robotic thinking.
When you allow your heart to rule your life, you can let go of your dependence upon your mind.
After all, it only ever repeated the lies that it heard other people repeating.
If you want to live in absolute freedom you have to be prepared to drop your dependence on your mind and all of its presumptuous ideas.
To be truly intelligent, creative and original, you have to surrender to your true heart.
Then it can’t help but lead you on to absolute freedom.
There’s a void in your heart and it’s your intuition.
Get comfortable with it.