14. Art is not the destination

The urge to express your heart-felt feelings of creativity is an effect of the deep desire to live in harmony with your intuition.
All forms of true art arise from the heart.
They are original, creative and unique.
They do not necessarily please the commercial world because it is a cold calculating machine.
The machine does not recognise intuitive expression as having any special value over gimmicks, clichés and altered copies of other works.
The commercial world looks at everything to see if it will make money.
Art is a heart based expression but that’s not a limit, it is only another station along the way.
Art in itself can never be the perfect answer for the expression of your life.
It is a means of learning to tune to your long lost self, your intuition, your true heart.
You have to go beyond this if you want to understand life and remember what you are.
You have to head to absolute freedom, otherwise you have compromised yourself and settled for a pretty distraction along the way.
Art is not the answer, it is a means of reminding you that there is more, much much more to your life.
Don’t get lost in art, it is not the destination.
There is only one skill, one talent, one ability, one achievement to seek and that is absolute freedom.
Everything else is a compromise, a mere trinket before the sun.