30. Big brother is a program

Life is not an emotional, mystical, magical experience.
It is not a shut up and pretend to be holy, adventure.
Neither is it a tough journey to the top to meet the god that put all of the obstacles in your way because he could.
Life is a technical journey, out of a series of misadventures created by wrong choices that led to dead ends and disasters.
Life is a computer program.
Right choices lead you away from the limits of the software known as physical reality.
Wrong choices lead you into the complexities of the artificial reality called earth.
Wrong choices hook you into the computer system that runs this world.
It is a closed loop system.
It only supplies information in relation to living in this reality.
It is a computer that is not connected to the infinite internet.
Instead it is has a storage system for information that has been written and repeatedly rewritten, to only suit this particular physical environment.
When you choose to listen to your ego instead of your heart, you are logging in to this local earth system and trusting it to deliver you the information you need to live a good life.
Of course it can’t do that.
It is not programmed that way.
It has been programmed to keep you in this earthly game, not help you escape.
If all of the people were to escape, there would be no earthly reality.
When you trust big brother, you are trusting the jailer.
When you trust big brother, you are putting your faith in a system that wants to see you frustrated and unhappy.
Whether its religion or government or corporations, its all the same.
They are systems designed and programmed to stop you being free.
They are designed and programmed to distract you, so that you don’t remember what you are.
When you align to your true heart, it is like swapping computers.
Instead of having a limited memory on an older machine running boring old programs, you are connected to the infinite internet, with unlimited memory and it’s faster than instant.
You are a computer, a minimal computer that has linked into the computer that runs this earthly reality.
By believing in all of the stories it tells, you are automatically programming your computer to match big brothers programming.
As a result, it seems as if there is no way out of this mess.
Unless you can reprogram your own computer by trusting your intuition which is linked to the infinite computer.
If you can immerse yourself enough to change your programming, eventually you would be free.
However this would take too long.
This is where the password “absolute freedom” provided a rapid way of allowing the infinite computer into your life to bring about fast change.
Once you align with the infinite, you are on the way home.