24. Collecting keys

There are rips in what you call reality.
This world is not a solid, unbreakable, perfect construction.
It is a flimsy mental construct that is full of weaknesses.
When your mind comes across situations that make no sense, it turns away and pretends that they are not there.
If an experience is not compatible with your personal misconceptions, assumptions and presumptions, then the mind will reject what it found, no matter how real the experience.
This earth reality is full of holes and faults.
It is not as substantial as you like to pretend.
There are secret passages, that can only be uncovered by secret words.
There are ancient time slips that can only be discovered by perfect timing.
There are shortcuts to everything that can only be found by not searching for them.
There are doors to other realities, brilliant existences, less than a heart beat away from where you are right now.
They can be accessed, but only when the true sound of each portal is uttered.
There are councils of wise elders, waiting to assist but they only respond to a heart that sings a true song in harmony with their true song.
At all times, there are an infinite number of wonderful ideas floating around you.
Every dilemma in the world could be solved instantly using these ideas but unless the ego is stilled, these solutions cannot enter the mind.
There are latent abilities within you that could make your heart leap across galaxies with joy.
The rigidity of your belief system keeps them hidden in the darkness of your ignorance.
There are visions of superb beauty and songs of infinite depth, all happening around you but your eyes are not equipped to see and your ears are deaf to their wonder.
Nor can you know the strange beings who want to fill your life with love, laughter and insight.
These beings from other dimensions can’t bring their vibrations low enough to make you aware of the gifts that they freely offer but you can chose to rise to them.
There are other worlds that you can visit and travel in a comfortable, protective bubble.
The access code is close by, but your mind mocks the possibility.
You hardly believe in the validity of yourself, let alone in worlds that you can’t see.
These things and much more, are hidden away by the immaturity of the human psyche.
Humanity denies itself access because it is irresponsible and lazy.
It won’t even take responsibility for its own reality.
Secret keys are everywhere, not hidden by intention but hidden because of blindness.
In folk lore these keys are called magic, fantasy, fairy tales and fiction.
All rituals, symbols, magic spells, potions and even magic numbers have drifted down through the ages as mere ghosts of the truths that they were derived from.
Remnants still abound today within secret rituals and superstitious patterns practised by all manner of silent sects, select groups, elite clubs and covert corporations.
But they hold only a tiny trickle of the power that they were derived from.
The true keys to power, lie dusty and forgotten by all.
They can only be discovered by picking them up along the way as your path happens to come across them.
The path is not fixed, nor can it be mapped and it certainly cannot be predicted.
Nor should it be remembered, for once it is past, it should be forgotten.
You have no need to go there again.
The time is now for some of the keys to be uncovered.
One by one these magic mind maps will be revealed and the dust of ancient times blown away, so that they are vibrant and active once again.
For a while, their usage will be limited.
There are a few who were born for this task.
They are the gate openers, the revealers, the clarifiers of truth.
They are not super heroes or an advanced species, they are ordinary human beings.
They are humans who followed their hearts, that’s all.
It has been so long since this has been done, that it almost seemed impossible to revive.
They achieved it through group focus, using a minimum group of two to start and then extending the numbers one by one, step by step.
Eventually, it will became an unstoppable flood of understanding.
Nothing can stop them because they are simply using the common law of existence: if you believe it, reality will see it.
Every living thing uses this law but hardly ever is it used knowingly and with the conviction needed to see rapid and reliable results.
Every living thing uses it but its effectiveness is lost as it filters through the dark murkiness of fears and doubts.
These revelations are true but your mind will have to be convinced before you can start picking up your keys along the way to absolute freedom.
But don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around and you can’t miss out.
Ask your heart about it if you are not sure.