16. First you die

You don’t die when your life is over on this planet.
You die when you first come to this planet.
You die to the memory of your true essence.
You die to your own vastness and wonder.
You die to your own majestic beauty with a heart of absolute freedom.
You are born into ignorance.
Before your first visit to this reality, you are fully aware of your own essence.
You are an eternal consciousness, a vast intelligence.
You are living within an infinite existence with absolute freedom.
But as soon as you agree to partake in this earthly experience, you die.
You die to the memories of your own truth.
You die to the idea that you are absolutely free.
Instead, a million misleading ideas are layered upon you.
Your awareness is stifled and your memories dissolved.
You will not get them back for countless generations.
Whereas before you were an eagle, now you are particle of dust.
Before you were the conscious creator of vast worlds.
Now you are a helpless and captive baby who will be raised in the dark.
You have died to your magnificence.
Now have to learn to live within your confinement.
You used to be absolute freedom and now you are an absolute imbecile who thinks he’s intelligent.
You are nothing but a robot, nodding when you should and believing in what you are told is good.
Now every time your body dies you stay locked into your limited and tiny mindset.
Immediately you are born back into captivity, back into the same situation.
There’s no karma, no fairness, no rewards for goodness.
You are trapped within your own thoughts.
You are your own jailer.
That’s why you must seek to remember your essence, absolute freedom.
Seek this above all else and your life will change.
You will remember and suddenly good fortune will come your way.
You are currently in an unnatural situation, remembering will set things right.
These two words absolute freedom will prompt you to trust your own intuition and to remember life before you died.
That’s all you have to do, seek absolute freedom.
That’s all you have to do think about absolute freedom until it seems to be a natural part of your life.
You are trapped in your own mind, wake up to your own truth.