22. How to drive a spaceship

You have to think differently when you drive a spaceship.
It’s not like driving a car.
In a car you are limited to 2 dimensions.
You are also confined to suitable road surfaces.
In a car you have to strictly abide by the rules of the region you are driving within, otherwise you could kill someone, die yourself or be imprisoned.
Driving a car is a physical experience that requires the addition of constant mental concentration so that you can reach your destination safely.
A spaceship is very different.
You are not bound by any laws because you are the law.
Your mind is the driver.
Whatever you allow to grow in your mind, you will find in your future travels.
Your future destination is determined by what you are thinking about right now.
So if you want to travel to a future where you have absolute freedom, you had better start setting your mind along that trajectory now.
The more determined and consistent your thoughts, the quicker you will arrive.
Imagine yourself standing at the spaceport, trying to decide which future you would like to visit.
At any moment, there are an infinite number of futures available to you.
Even with all of these unlimited choices available, most choose without any intelligent consideration.
Their choices are always automatic and ignorant.
They trust the randomness of an undisciplined mind to select a future.
Most people claim not to believe in the power of their minds, so they like to blame some outside influence for their arrival at an uncomfortable destination.
Most minds are in turmoil and rarely make the time to consider positive and fulfilling ideas.
As a result, their spaceships end up on some desperate and impoverished planet where further misfortune could strike them down at any minute.
As soon as you set your clearly defined destination, all you have to do is leave your central intuitive guidance system on automatic and it will take you around any obstacles along the way.
Warning, don’t be impatient.
Space travel takes time because you are currently living within time..
Some of the situations you wish to visit are quite a long way from where you are right now.
So don’t despair if you feel that you are not going anywhere, that’s just the nature of space travel.
You are always going somewhere and as long as you keep your focus upon your destination, you will eventually arrive.
However, if you continually allow your mind to be distracted, there’s no way that you will end up where you originally aimed but you will still end up somewhere, that’s for sure.
Then if you are not happy there, reset your navigation and off you go again.
It’s quite easy really to drive a spaceship, as long as you know where you want to go and keep that focus until you arrive.