32. I am a robot

The majority of the people in this world are robots.
They are programmed to act and react according to certain stimulus.
They act without thinking and they blindly follow the leader, no matter how idiotic the leader is.
They tell the same old stories over and over.
Their reactions and their opinions are manipulated.
Many people live humdrum, repetitive lives.
They live a monotonous pattern that makes them feel safe.
Their mental computer is plugged into big brothers world computer and they accept, without question, whatever they are told.
Even when they occasionally rebel, it is in strict accordance with the guidelines laid out by big brothers software so that they are still safe with their rebellious but politically-correct views.
This whole reality is a construct driven by a computer with programs that are continually looping on themselves.
They are not connected to any reality outside of this earthly world.
This is the way that the robots are programmed tighter and tighter as they ever follow the spiral inward.
Every association with earthly reality tightens the spiral.