29. Keys

You lay your future with symbols. You are building a future world, one symbol at a time.

In this reality, money is the commodity most necessary for abundance, plenty, more than could be used, an unlimited supply.
A golden urn with one handle and a pouring lip. It tips to pour its abundance on the seeker. It pours a golden liquid, in bursts as needed. May it pour its liquid abundance, to cover every road you may travel. It covers your future path with a perfect mirror of gold. Now, you can forget it because your future abundance has been taken care of, it is done. Everything else in your future will be above your golden road of abundance.

Without a healthy body, your time in this reality is limited. Your body is a vehicle and needs be strong, reliable, long-standing and functional.
A giant tortoise, perhaps ancient, but steady, strong and determinedly moving forward, steadily as if it could travel forever. It is not in a hurry, there is no rush. You can’t miss out on anything if you walk to the rhythm of your true heart. May the tortoise steadily move ahead of you so that your future is always healthy and your body ready to serve your true heart.

Perfect timing
The ability to act at the perfect moment greatly simplifies life. You should desire the ability to recognise coincidences and the clarity of mind to allow them to occur.
The full moon is the symbol of perfect timing. This reality depends upon time for it to function. The moon is the measure and cause of the cycles of life. Let the full moon dictate when to move and the when to rest, the time to sing and the time for silence. May you see the full moon constantly in your future as it perfectly unfolds all of your desires.

Creativity is the expression of the ever-knew, the never expressed before. It is a dance with the infinite and its endless expressions.
A galloping horse with its head held high races ahead and tramples the old and the limited. It boldly moves forward with dashing spontaneity and trusting that every step forward is the perfect one. May this thundering animal always bring the excitement of the unexpected into your days. Let it loose in your future so that a new world might be born from its presence.

Love is the glue that holds life together. It is unity, the undivided whole, it is completeness and the ideal.
The sun, a perfect circle of light, nothing to add, nothing is missing. May the sun shine in your heart all through your journey home. May it be your light through moments of darkness along the way.