21. The machine mind

The machine mind is here now.
It has spread far and wide across this world.
It has disrupted all that is natural.
It has turned good people into robots and weak people into leaders.
It is the mind of the police force, the defence forces and corporative management.
It rules religions, education systems and governments.
It is not a thing of the future, it is here and active right now.
The machine mind replaces the creative intuitive mind with hard facts, cold logic and rational sequences.
It has no sense of fun.
It has no sense of warmth.
It can’t be light-hearted or romantic.
Neither does it need the human sense of touch and it has no use for care and concern.
The machine mind is a thing of stale decay, deadness and death.
It has no need for sunshine or nature, neither does it care whether or not the flowers bloom or the bees buzz.
The machine mind is about control of every other mind.
It is about conforming without variation.
It is a smile without warmth, a mere sneer.
It is art without heart, useless scribbles.
It is music without meaning, jarring noise.
It is life without love, a slow march towards doom.
You don’t have to allow the machine mind in your head, instead you can simply trust your intuition.
You don’t have to follow the masses down misery lane, instead keep your focus on absolute freedom and you can’t go wrong.
The machine mind is here but it can’t touch you unless you submit.
Hold to the truth of your own true heart.
Always seek absolute freedom and you will gain it.