27. The spaceship

Imagine you are walking along a simple bush track.
It is a pleasant day and all is well.
A dark, rocky outcrop catches your eye.
You move closer and notice that it’s hiding a small cave in the deepest shadows.
It’s partially obscured by a tangled clump of prickly bushes.
Behind them, you can just make out a weathered and damaged slatted door that has broken free of one of its crumbling hinges.
It’s a very small entrance.
It’s a strange place for a door.
You have to crawl into the space to gain access.
Your heart pushes you to investigate closer and closer.
The dark space intrigues and urges you to step further into its mystery.
Then a slip of the foot and a jerking of your body and you fall into the space.
You are standing in an giant cavern.
It’s somehow reminiscent of a spaceship or an exotic aircraft of some kind.
It looks very technical, logical and structured.
In the centre of the room is a golden chair bathed in lights and with a million tubes, wires and conduits leading from it.
They radiate from this central position.
It looks like a complex control centre for the spacecraft.
It looks interesting and of course it silently calls you to come closer.
As if in a dream, you move towards the chair, not caring about the consequences.
Knowing you are probably being an idiot, you sit down on the chair.
Click, clack, click, hiss.
Soft and gentle sounds are heard as the chair gently locks itself around you.
Click, clack, click, hiss.
The sounds continue.
They seem to extend way out, beyond your vision.
The click clack seems to go on for hours.
But you don’t mind, it’s kind of pleasant, kind of reassuring.
You feel yourself expanding with every locking sound.
Bigger and bigger, further out into the stars and beyond time.
You are becoming this spaceship, this odd craft.
Every click absorbs you more.
Suddenly there’s a beautiful silence.
There is completeness, a sense of fulfilment.
There is a feeling of being where you belong.
You are at the centre of your own existence.
You are in touch with every aspect.
You are locked into it.
It is you and you are all parts of it.
It exists in you and because of you.
You stay in a state of cosmic awareness for a timeless moment.
Then it all starts to draw itself back into you.
It does not unlock, nor does it separate.
It shrinks back into you, to become more integrally you.
Until, eventually it wraps around you like a comforting coat on a cold day.
It shrinks to cover you like a body glove, only perhaps, one molecule think.
Now it’s invisible but it’s there.
It’s gone but only to your eyes.
It is now you, the ordinary you that stepped into the unknown just a few moments ago.
You are your world, you always were but until now you had forgotten.
You continue along the simple bush track as if nothing has happened.
But in your heart you know that you have just woken up.
Now that you remember, nothing will ever be the same again.
You continue walking and silently welcome absolute freedom into your life.
Now you have to learn to fly the damn thing.